Senator Cruz Called On To Argue Most Significant Case In American History!

This week, when the State of Texas filed suit against the States of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia for changing their election laws illegally, little did so many on the fruited plain realize that this would be the case that almost a score of other states would sign on and support.

As of this writing, more than eighteen states have joined the case including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, both Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, West Virginia, and more. As momentum builds, these states truly do need someone who has a successful track record before the Supreme Court.

It just so happens one such person is currently serving in the United States Senate.

President Donald Trump has asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to argue Texas’ election lawsuit in front of the United States Supreme Court if the nation’s highest court decides to take up the case…

Trump asked Cruz “if he would be willing to make oral arguments in the case should it reach the Supreme Court,” and Cruz agreed to do so, The New York Times reports. “Before he joined the Senate in 2013, Mr. Cruz argued before the Supreme Court nine times, representing Texas in most of those cases in his role as the state’s solicitor general.”

That’s quite a change for Cruz who spent most of the 2016 presidential election at loggerheads with the current president to the point that at times, it appeared that the two were clashing antlers more than debating.

As it happens, though, among the lawyers who are supporters of President Trump and his efforts, Senator Cruz IS the most experienced before the Supreme Court with a winning track record to boot.

“We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “This is the big one. Our Country needs a victory!”

Is this the intervention of which the president tweets? Only time will tell, but if the court does hear the case, We the People look to be in good hands.

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