Senator Manchin Forcefully Opposes Biden's Policy Again

Senator Manchin Forcefully Opposes Biden’s Policy Again

It looks like West Virginia’s Joe Manchin may well be the one senator who can save America from the Joe Biden regime’s “Build Back Better” plans. He’s digging in his heels against the methods that scheme would employ for the beleaguered people of the United States.

Sen. Joe Manchin seemed to squash the idea of any renewed negotiations on a robust spending bill and demanded the Federal Reserve act now to rein in inflation, which has soared to 7.5 percent from one year ago.

The Labor Department announced the new numbers from January on Thursday, showing a 40-year high and a price increase of 0.6 percent from one month earlier in December.

‘It’s beyond time for the Federal Reserve to tackle this issue head-on, and Congress and the Administration must proceed with caution before adding more fuel to an economy already on fire,’ the West Virginia Democrat said in a statement…

‘As inflation and our $30 trillion in national debt continue a historic climb, only in Washington, DC do people seem to think that spending trillions more of taxpayers’ money will cure our problems, let alone inflation.’

Rein in inflation? The Fed can’t even admit that the money they print is practically worthless as all that seems to back it is monetized debt.

The reality is that the Biden camp is hell-bent on reporting good jobs numbers over lifting all the COVID restrictions which have done nothing more than depress the economy by bankrupting main street-level businesses. Also, apparently, a tax cut is not being considered at this time, which would help the situation far more than a spending bill of over one trillion dollars that does not guarantee the money going toward the people’s interests.

In the meantime, while the swamp creatures fight amongst themselves, the American people are paying through the nose just to survive let alone thrive.

That’s the one issue that will negatively affect the “party in power” come November at the ballot box.

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