Senators Walk Out Of Impeachment Hearing Disgusted

From the moment impeachment articles were drawn up against President Donald Trump for insurrection or inciting a riot or whatever it is that the Democrats on Capitol Hill want the American people to believe happened on January 6, you knew that the blame game was going to be hot and heavy.

On Friday, the day that the Trump legal team was due to present their case on why it was not President Trump, but some other entity responsible for the invasion of the Capitol Building that day, the presentations started out with Democrats Jamie Raskin and Ted Lieu repeating the accusations of the day: President Trump used incendiary language to incite a riot.

Well, some of the more prominent Republicans in the Upper Chamber were not particularly interested in hearing such “evidence,” apparently, and took a powder during the speeches.

All told, at least a dozen Republicans walked out while Lieu was yakking at the podium.

Turnabout being fair play, though, after a deceptively edited video was presented by the Democrat side earlier in the week where President Trump’s words were sliced and diced so as to not include the word “Peacefully” among others in the law and order vernacular, the Trump legal team presented their own video of Democrats using actual incendiary language.

Dozens of prominent Democrats may want to rethink their words in the future as video editing has come of age.

What is interesting in this particular Newsmax video is they ended it before the actual end of what was shown on the Senate floor:

Sometimes the classics are the best.

At any rate, what we’re seeing now is the back and forth of Democrats and Republicans trying to get their messages out to the American people via this impeachment “trial” of a former president, something which has never been done before.

Which begs the question…if President Trump can be impeached once he is out of office for “crimes” committed while he was in office, can Bill Clinton and Barack Obama be impeached as well?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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February 12, 2021 8:17 pm

When clinton had murdered the Space Launch Capabilities of the US, he ‘contracted’ with China to put OUR SATELLITES INTO ORBIT FOR US..

the problem was, China COULD NOT MASTER STAGE SEPARATION technology.

The technology was “transferred” FROM DEFENSE TO COMMERCE under Ron Brown.

The technology was under very close control when it was put into the rocket.


The rocket exploded on the launch pad…

A couple of months later, China achieved ORBIT capabilities.

Thanks to the TREASON OF CLINTON, china promptly WEAPONIZED SPACE!

February 13, 2021 12:11 am

So does this mean we can impeach Obama for running and getting elected even though he was not eligible under our Constitution? I’m up for that damn betcha!