Senior FBI Official Under Scrutiny For Biased Social Media Posts

Senior FBI Official Under Scrutiny For Biased Social Media Posts

When it comes to corruption in the swamp known as Washington, D.C., the level of mud stuck on the bureaucrats there varies. One of the more seemingly clean members of Congress is Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. He has been known to be wily from time to time, and vocal when a matter needs attention.

And so, when an employee at the FBI posted what appears to be partisan opinions on social media, the old Iowa farmhand took notice and then action:

Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley is demanding Justice Department records concerning the work history of senior FBI official Timothy Thibault, as well as an investigation into his actions, after revelations of Thibault’s apparent political bias on social media, Grassley’s office announced.

Department guidelines forbid employees from even giving the appearance of bias, but Thibault, who oversees often highly sensitive public corruption matters that involve political figures, engaged with and amplified partisan content on social media, sometimes even under the label of his official job title.

It is amazing how many people who are supposed to be impartial in Washington just aren’t.

Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz demanding an investigation into Thibault for potential violations of these regulations, according to the Washington Examiner…

Grassley wrote that “his actions present a grave risk of political infection and bias in his official decision-making process, creating serious questions with respect to oversight of investigative matters under his purview,” emphasizing that “Thibault’s social media postings, comments, and ‘likes’ … demonstrate a pattern of improper commentary related to, for example, ongoing FBI investigations including those under his purview.”

Grassley provided numerous examples of social media posts that he said “call into question Thibault’s ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of an FBI agent objectively and without bias. His social media posts require investigation into what, if any, Oversight Department leadership has done to ensure that investigative decisions under his charge have not been infected with a political bias.”

Grassley set a deadline of June 14 for the Justice Department, including Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, to respond.

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