Senior U.S. Marshal Entwined in Scandalous Sex

Senior U.S. Marshal Entwined in Scandalous Sex And Abuse Of Position

Information coming out about a Senior Executive Service member who happens to be the head of the U.S. Marshall’s Service is embarrassing, to say the least. It seems that the man, Andrew Smith, has some explaining to do.

In June, according to people who heard the incident, Smith had a little fling with an underling.

Smith is already facing an internal agency probe for allegedly having sex with a coworker in his office in Arlington, Va., which was previously reported by The Post.

New details about the alleged rendezvous reveal Smith and the woman, described as a “senior”-ranking marshal, hooked up in the late afternoon in July on a couch in his office, the sources said.

Other Marshals employees who were on the floor outside of Smith’s office — which has glass walls with frosted windows — allegedly heard the hot-and-heavy session and may have recorded it on their cellphones, according to law-enforcement sources.

Internal affairs launched a probe — and Smith went on extended family medical leave, sources said. He is not expected to return to work until mid-November.

Family medical leave, huh. Belief in that one requires the name of the family member who is ill and the ailment. Neither is provided in this case.

What really seems to have Smith in hot water, though, has to do with not doing his homework.

Multiple law-enforcement sources outed the Marshals bigwig as Andrew Smith, the assistant director of the Tactical Operations Division…

The Marshals Service is probing Smith for allegedly getting underlings to do his homework assignments while attending a post-graduate program at the Naval War College, according to sources and a letter reviewed by The Post.

The anonymous letter — signed by a “concerned colleague” — was sent to the Rhode Island college’s registrar’s office in June, said a source with knowledge of the message.

“I am writing to inform you a U.S. Marshals Service employee and Naval War College student, Andrew Smith, is under an internal investigation for tasking subordinates to complete class assignments, which he submitted to the Naval War College as his own work,” the letter states.

That would be a problem, no matter what institution of higher learning is involved, let alone the Naval War College. How Smith thought he could get away with this is a story that would make the Congressional show hearing actually worth watching.

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Ben Colder
Ben Colder
October 26, 2021 11:17 am

He probably thought he was Bill Slick Willie Clinton.Needs to control Willie looks to me