Sensational Surveillance Video Captures 3 Women Hit By Blast In Beirut

WOW! This is a pretty incredible view that illustrates just how powerful the recent explosion in Beirut, Lebanon was.

In case you have been living under a rock, on August 4th an estimated 2,500 metric tons of ammonium nitrate was detonated in Beirut, Lebanon killing almost 200 people and injuring several thousand more.

Beirut is no stranger to large explosions and for those who remember on October 23, 1983, the largest non-nuclear explosion since WWII leveled the 4 story building that the US Marine peacekeeping force was using as their barracks… That blast was caused by a truck filled with 12,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate… A fraction of what recently exploded.

The surveillance camera these three ladies had in their apartment captured a birdseye view of just how much energy the blast had… We know from other videos of the blast that there was a series of explosions, possibly fireworks, that must be what caught the attention of these ladies or given that the blast did damage and was felt for miles they may have heard the actual blast and stepped outside to see what was happening. Several others can be seen running outside the glass doors.

You will see two girls exit and look around outside as a third girl approaches the doors… As you see one of the girls starts to run back toward the doors the third girl still inside actually holds the door closed and then thinks differently and starts to retreat back inside the apartment when suddenly the glass shatters and the force blows the third girl right out of the camera’s view… In a hurry!

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