Sexy Venezuelan Warns America As Protesters In The Nation’s Capital Burn Our Most Sacred Symbol

As a Tik Tok video by a Venezuelan woman warning Americans of the dangers of allowing our nation’s historical monuments to be destroyed by out of control anarchist the mob in Washington, D.C. has moved to committing the unforgivable…

Elizabeth Rogliani Otaola, the Venezuelan woman whose Tik Tok video warning America has gone viral is warning Americans that she has seen this before in Venezuela… She explains how it all began by destroying the country’s historical monuments and changing street names… She continues saying next it was the curriculum in schools and then there were some movies that were purged and so on and so forth… Sound familiar to anyone? Where have we seen this movie recently?

She begins her video by asking the rhetorical question, “why do I even care about some silly little statutes coming down or some silly little street names changing?” She answers explaining because she’s already lived through this, only the last time she was a teenager living in Venezuela and didn’t care… She acknowledges that she’s heard so many people think that it can’t happen to us here in America… So many times she exclaims in a frustrated tone, but cautions that we should always remain on guard and never believe something can’t happen…

She tells us that we need to guard our country and our society or it will be destroyed… She points out that the Cubans had warned the people of Venezuela but they didn’t listen to them as she sarcastically says, “Venezuela, we know what freedom is like, that’s no gonna happen here.” Then she seriously looks into the camera and says, “yet it happens!” Then she points out that there are a lot of people who want to destroy America, something a lot of Americans can’t seem to wrap their minds around…

This is no joke people, this is a serious situation in our country… We are under attack and it’s time to acknowledge that we now have a domestic enemy that’s growing in size and power and if we don’t wisen up and stop them we are going to have a terrible situation with limited options…

The very night after this video had gone viral, a large group of anarchist in Washington, D.C. gathered for a second night in an effort to institute a “Black House Autonomous Zone” across the street from the White House. Late into the night the group lit a full size American flag on fire and the crowd began to cheer and clap in absolute joy and happiness at seeing the flag burn… They then produced dozens if not hundreds of small American flags and began to burn them like a group of kids holding sparklers on the Fourth of July… This was no act of free speech, this was a disgusting renouncement of their loyalty to America… A renouncement of their citizenship… A declaration of war… Make no mistake, these people want to destroy our Republic… They are treasonous traitors… Domestic terrorist…They are insurgents… Enemies of the state…

When I see punks like these kids burn our flag I can’t help but wonder how many of them would be willing to die for that right to burn it. Would they be willing to die the same way so many have died for the right to fly it and made it an international symbol of hope and liberty?

Ms. Otaola is not the only Venezuelan to warn us Americans… There are many Venezuelans that posted words of caution in the twitter thread where her video was posted… For those who do not know, Venezuela was a very wealthy South American country… They were rich with natural resources and had become a thriving nation until their country experienced a movement exactly like the one we are seeing here in America… They too, like America’s youth today, rolled their eyes and laughed at the idea that they would end up like all of the other attempts at socialism around the world… Within just a couple of decades they went from having it all to literally having nothing… Their money today is more valuable being sold as toilet paper during this pandemic than for commerce.

We have been watching these terrorist destroy our country for almost a month now… The time to start letting your elected representatives know that you do NOT approve of their conduct is now… The time to remove those who do not denounce their conduct and who do not act to stop these enemy combatants is in November when the polls open.

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