SF Bay Area Criminals Get A Christmas Surprise

SF Bay Area Criminals Get A Christmas Surprise

For decades, San Francisco has been a magnet for vagrants thanks to lax enforcement of any sort of law in that area. Crime related to that condition has been rampant there – in addition to the recent fad of defiling the streets with human excrement – for a very long time.

The latest crime wave is a spate of smash and grabs resulting in broken car windows not just in San Francisco, but the entire Bay Area.

“We see the aftermath of car break-ins all too often. Windows smashed, glass shattered, but now some people are getting so fed-up they’re leaving their trunks open, hoping that will at least spare them the hefty bill to get it fixed,” ABC 7 reported.

The problem with people leaving their trunks open to try to get the criminals to pass by a vehicle should be pretty obvious.

Former Deputy San Francisco Deputy Police Chief Garret Tom, who spent nearly 40 years on the police force, said he had never seen anything like it, commenting that leaving trunks open was an “invitation” or “disaster,” adding, “they could steal your batteries or go into your glove compartment, find out where you live… if they leave their trunk open, some cars, depending on what kind of car you have, you still can get inside to the interior.”

The SFPD has reported that 2021 has seen a 32% increase in car break-ins and a 25% increase in auto burglaries compared to 2020. In Oakland, 2021 has seen a 27% increase in both categories over 2020.

That is really saying something.

The criminals doing this do not care who they are robbing, either.

The Daily Wire reported last week:

A family with young children visiting the city of San Francisco had their rental car broken into and several valuable items stolen, the latest instance of “smash-and-grab” style robberies throughout the state of California.

According to local news station KRON 4, Kimberly Balde, her sister, Katherine, and her two young children, were in the car when the robbery occurred. They had stopped their car on Lombard Street when a thief smashed the back window and stole her bag, her computer, her sister’s passport, the children’s birth certificates, and other valuables.

YouTuber Mark Rober, known for his glitter bombs left on front porches to catch porch pirates in the act, was also a victim of the San Francisco smash and grabbers. One of his new and improved glitter bombs was stolen in addition to his GoPro cameras.

If the Bay Area is looking to become more attractive of a place for people to visit, this needs to be cleaned up.

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