Shocking Turn Of Events For Disgraced Andrew McCabe

Shocking Turn Of Events For Disgraced Andrew McCabe

On various boards across the internet, the decision of the Biden camp to restore the pension of one Andrew McCabe, former deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was raked over the coals, declared revolting, and more. The headlines screamed, “McCabe GETS HIS PENSION BACK,” this week without much of an explanation as to just exactly what happened to lead to this action.

Well, just about everyone forgot that McCabe sued the Department of Justice and the FBI for wrongful termination as he claimed that it was a political move made by an operative of President Donald Trump. McCabe was fired two days before he was eligible to retire, thus negating his federal pension. In the deal made to drop the lawsuit against the government, McCabe’s record was expunged of the firing, thus restoring the funds.

The Trump DOJ had justified McCabe’s firing by citing an internal probe that found he had authorized the leaking of information to the Wall Street Journal and lied to investigators about it. The settlement announced Thursday vacates that decision and expunges from McCabe’s personnel folder any references to having been fired.

As revolting as it might seem, and really is given that the charge of lying to investigators is still on the table, the restoration didn’t happen in a vacuum.

As part of the settlement, McCabe is also entitled to other benefits afforded to retire FBI senior executives, including special cufflinks and “official FBI credentials, badge, and time-in-service award keys mounted in the format typically provided to retiring FBI Deputy Directors” and other senior officials.

Was McCabe’s firing political? Given the charge of lying to investigators, it would seem that it was not.

Is the Department of Justice not interested in going through the Discovery process on its own files for the public to see in an open courtroom?

That’s a completely different question and one worth asking given that the settlement of this case keeps those files sealed.

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