Slowly But Surely Joe Biden’s Sweetheart Deals For Family Coming Into Spotlight

It really is time for Joe Biden to retire from public office and drive his vintage Corvette off into the sunset. Information is coming to light that makes corruption look like one of his hobbies.

The former Vice President and pretty reliable Democrat gaffe machine, as it turns out, is not just soft on China, but is cozy with the Chinese, and he has his reasons for that. It turns out that his son Hunter has a business deal worth over a billion dollars with the Bank of China which is owned by the Chinese government. The deal has to do with private equity, or as it is known in some circles, funny money.

As it turns out, Hunter Biden has next to no experience in private equity according to Peter Schweizer author of the book Secret Empires. Not only that, Schweizer claimed the information is buried rather deep as is the business partnership Hunter Biden has with Chris Heinz of the Heinz-Kerry clan, and his longtime associate Devon Archer. Their company, Rosemount Seneca Partners deals with China on a regular basis.

And then there is Joe Biden’s brother. Until Crazy Uncle Joe decided to run for president his brother Jim’s contract to build housing in Iraq remained largely buried even if it was published in a Washington, D.C., outlet. Jim Biden is executive vice president of HillStone International and they were awarded a $1.5 billion contract. Some say they are smart, hard-working businessmen with the right connections.

Others see corruption in both cases.

Taken together, these business deals for members of the former Vice President’s family which were done WHILE HE WAS VICE PRESIDENT are one of the many reasons why Joe Biden really should retire, and leave the public view. For most politicians, this news anywhere in the media would spell the end of a career. Biden, though, seems to think it’s just everyday business.