Southwest Pilot Arrested

Southwest Pilot Arrested After Physical Altercation With Flight Attendant

It’s not something the traveling public often considers, but airline crews spend a lot of time on the road. Often, they work fifteen to sixteen hours a day in the company of people who may well rub them the wrong way. Once the crew is done for the day, they head to a hotel for rest and relaxation.

And sometimes, they end up at the hotel’s bar.

That seems to be the case in an incident that happened in San Jose, California, where a pilot working for Southwest Airlines supposedly assaulted a flight attendant during a heated discussion over masks.

The alleged attack happened Oct. 18 at a bar in San Jose, where pilots and flight attendants were spending the night after a flight, USA Today reported.

There was “a disagreement over mask-wearing or masks” and the pilot was cited for assault and battery, said San Jose police Sgt. Christian Camarillo. The case was being referred to the San Clara County District Attorney’s Office for review and possible charges, Camarillo added.

The pilot was placed on leave during an investigation, airline spokesperson Brandy King told the paper. No further details were provided.

A lot of people disagree with the overall mask issue, especially since we’ve been wearing them for over a year and a half and the supposed pandemic hasn’t waned, it is a reasonable question to ask what good they do if the bug and the “variants” are still spreading.

Just days after the alleged incident, Southwest sent a memo to pilots and flight attendants warning that: “Crossing the line in a heated conversation can be a violation of our guidelines for employees and can even end in loss of job,” according to the USA Today.

“We realize there has been a steady drumbeat over the last 19 months about civility and respectful discourse – and that is for good reason. Many of our people have been faced with an uncomfortable situation where their beliefs are not shared by someone else, resulting in a confrontation of some kind,” the memo read, in part. “And for every situation, we hear about, there are dozens more for which we don’t. It is vital that we treat everyone with respect and honor our differences without pushing our ideas on someone else.”

It is vital that the truth be told on why mask-wearing was imposed on the public. Maybe Southwest Airlines would like to ask that question rather than just falling in line.

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