State Of Emergency In El Salvador Prompts Threat From President

State Of Emergency In El Salvador Prompts Threat From President

With Covid, Ukraine, and the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident in the headlines, a lot of world news is getting missed. One such item is the wave of violence that has swamped El Salvador of late. Apparently, the gangs there are pretty out of control.

A state of emergency was declared by the government on Sunday, and the country’s president followed that up with a threat to the gang members who are in the wind.

El Salvador’s president has threatened to punish 16,000 imprisoned gang members if the wave of deadly violence gripping the country continues.

Nayib Bukele gave leaders of notorious gangs, including MS-13 and Barrio 18, an ultimatum on Monday, after police reported 87 killings since Friday alone…

“Stop killing now or they (the incarcerated) are going to pay for it too,” Bukele tweeted, alongside video footage of a prison raid in which officers are seen dragging half-naked inmates out of their cells and forcing them to run, before searching them in the courtyard.

The images also show officers rushing the inmates, who are handcuffed and wearing only white boxer shorts. Some of them fall as they are forced along.

Hundreds are also filmed kneeling in a row under the watchful eye of balaclava-clad guards and police officers with riot shields. …

The dozens of homicides seen over the weekend were allegedly ordered by the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Barrio 18 gangs.

“We have 16,000 ‘homeboys’ in our power, apart from the 1,000 arrested” in recent days, Bukele said Monday.

He had also decreed a “maximum emergency” in all prisons since Sunday.

Incarcerated gang members have been subjected to strict measures, including permanent confinement to their cells.

“We confiscated everything, even their sleeping mats, we also rationed their food and now they will no longer see the sun,” Bukele said.

So it seems that the gang problem in El Salvador is being addressed. Only time will tell if it is effective.

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March 29, 2022 10:43 pm

Well 7.62 rounds are still plentiful for crime prevention and we’re pretty sure the Salvador Government can get plenty of backhoes to do the heavy work or better yet just have the prisoners dig their own graves.