Steve Doocy Gets Ripped

Steve Doocy Gets Ripped By Fans For Following The Rules

During the year of COVID, nothing seems to evoke reactions more than mask-wearing. First, we were told there is no reason to wear one. Then we hear that it is our best protection as the water droplets…. (If masks really worked, a whole lot of people would not have come down with the virus.)

Now…now, the narrative is pretty much established that we all have to wear them indoors. That being the case, many city, state, and county governments have made mask-wearing mandatory in public buildings. So have many businesses, and that includes the retail chain Walmart.

Yes, it is a pain to wear a mask to shop, and the whole exercise is questionable, but when one goes to an establishment it’s like walking into someone else’s house: their house, their rules.

Hence why Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy wore a mask into Walmart to pick up essentials which included a copy of his cookbook. He posted this in a video on his Instagram account.

“Here in Jersey you gotta wear a mask, obviously. But here’s the thing about Walmart,” he said. “It’s the exclusive place where you can get our cookbook that has a tailgating chapter in it, a bunch of recipes on how to make your tailgate special, only available at Walmart.”

So, did Steve get lots of comments about authoring a cookbook that includes a chapter on tailgate recipes?

No. He got so much flack for following the rules in someone else’s house that he turned off the comments to his account.

This writer would be the last person to advocate for mask-wearing as the practice was really traditionally about keeping prisoners under control and is used in animal rescue and rehabilitation facilities to keep the rescued animals from getting attached to humans, hence this is more of a psychological exercise than medically necessary, but when in Walmart, one plays their rules. That’s what Steve Doocy was doing.

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Steve Doocy Gets Ripped

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