Stormy Daniels Lawyer Michael Avenatti Admits Real Intent At Sentencing

Stormy Daniels Lawyer Michael Avenatti Admits Real Intent At Sentencing

When justice actually is served in this life, watching it happen can be a beautiful thing.

Take lawyer Michael Avenatti, for example. He represented a character from President Donald Trump’s past who claimed she was paid hush money to keep secret an affair the two had that President Trump claims did not happen.

The woman, Stormy Daniels, actually got a book deal to tell the world her story.

Her lawyer, on the other hand, was stealing from her. He got caught, and on Thursday the gavel got him.

Imprisoned attorney Michael Avenatti was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison for stealing nearly $300,000 from former client Stormy Daniels.

At sentencing, federal Judge Jesse M. Furman said Avenatti’s actions were “craven and egregious.” He was convicted of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.

Those aren’t small crimes and not the usual ones you hear famous people committing.

Avenatti is already serving a 2 1/2-year sentence for attempting to extort more than $20 million from Nike.

He also faces trial next month in California for allegedly embezzling $10 million from at least five clients. There was a mistrial in the first attempt to try him on those charges last August.

This man has a serious embezzlement problem.

Avenatti appeared for sentencing in the Daniels case shackled at the ankles wearing a beige prison uniform as he spoke to the judge.

“I believed we could take down a sitting American president who was the single biggest threat to American democracy in modern times.”

-Michael Avenatti

“I have destroyed my career, my relationships, and my reputation and have done collateral damage to my family and my life,” Avenatti said as he repeatedly choked up.

And he has no one to blame for that but himself. Such a public confession is rare, but healthy for the individual.

Now the question is will prison change him and make him a better man.

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