Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden

For quite a while now, observers of the presidential race have been making comments about the basement dweller running for president on the Democrat ticket. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the man who spends about three times the days off the campaign trail as he does on it, has beenContinue Reading

President Trump Gets Unexpected Endorsement

In an open letter published by American Military News, 235 retired high brass officers of the United States Military – including four-star generals – have given their backing to President Donald J. Trump in the 2020 presidential election. “The 2020 election affords the American people an urgently needed opportunity toContinue Reading

Trump Demands Apology

IIn a roundabout way, President Donald Trump always gets what he wants from his opponents. It’s not that he fights until they surrender so much, but that he takes the same position the opposition does to get them to change just so that they don’t agree with him. Take theContinue Reading

WATCH Liberal Media Meltdown

When the statistics and online viewership numbers regarding Monday’s first night of a virtual convention came out, the stunning proof was in the pudding. As many as six times the number of people who watched C-SPAN live streams were online during the event.¬†Six times. And this is despite the mainstreamContinue Reading

Not only does the democrat candidate for president not know what day of the week it is, but his campaign personnel also can’t seem to get their policy type stories straight. Last week, after radical, left-wing, anti-Israel, Islamist agitator Linda Sarsour spoke at the Democrat National Convention, a spokesperson forContinue Reading