Dominion Voting Systems Continues

The fallout from the 2020 presidential election continues in the United States. Not only are we saddled with a stunning embarrassment of a chief executive, but now the name brand of the voting machines used to deliver him to the American people on a silver platter is busy suing everyoneContinue Reading

The more time that passes following the 2020 presidential election, the more obvious the systemic corruption in all parts of the American political system is becoming. Case after case is being filed in state and federal courts outlining outrageous and egregious election fraud, and court after court is either refusingContinue Reading

Up until 2020, there has been a number of elections where ballots magically appear after election day. They’ve been found under sinks, in the trunks of cars, in closets…and all conveniently putting a Democrat candidate over the top in their installment, uh, election. This year, the game has intensified withContinue Reading

Arizona Remains In Play

So far, the 2020 presidential election has been quite the ride. On election night itself, one state after another was called by media sources for Democrat candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, despite the vote totals heavily favoring President Donald Trump. As usual, the counting had not come close toContinue Reading

FBI Chief Testifies To Being Ignorant

Current FBI chief Christopher Wray has decided to play see no evil monkey. This week before a Congressional Committee the man who is over the department that claims riots in Portland, Oregon, just aren’t happening said that that same department has no evidence that there is a widespread effort toContinue Reading

Twitter Account Reveals The Despicable

The internet, like a diamond, is forever. That’s a truism that comes back to bite a number of people in this world who have posted things they’ve come to regret later. Take Joe Biden Staffer Michael Ramirez, the campaign’s “digital organizing director” in Arizona, for example. Now that he isContinue Reading