Airline CEOs Ask Biden To Drop Mask Requirement

Finally, some sanity to what has become a dystopian reality in America. The people leading the airlines in the nation, the major carriers, have asked the Biden people to do away with the mask rules that have a lot of us avoiding flying just about anywhere. The chief executives ofContinue Reading

American Airlines Leaves Passengers Stranded

Now that so many restrictions have been lifted for the traveling public, the airlines are working to accommodate those who wish to fly, and Mother Nature is having none of it. Over the weekend, storms caused delays and cancelations across the United States, affecting many air travelers, and American AirlinesContinue Reading

WATCH As Social Distancing Fails

Good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or not, the fight over face mask-wearing is getting downright violent. This week, a plane sitting on the tarmac in Las Vegas headed for Charlotte if it could get off the ground was the site of a face mask altercation. American Airlines (alongContinue Reading