Amy Coney Barrett Lashes Out At Critics Of Court

When she was nominated, and ultimately confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United State, Justice Amy Coney Barrett was considered to be just shy of the Blessed Virgin Mary to conservatives. She has, to many minds, turned out to be a disappointment, but not on the latest decision notContinue Reading

Anyone who has watched the manipulation of women over the years could see it coming. When one of the nation’s most recognizable groups for girls, and women, the Girl Scouts, sent out a tweet congratulating Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on her elevation to the high court, the meanContinue Reading

Sarah Palin Challenges Senator

In the past few years, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has not exactly been the most reliable vote on the Republican side of the aisle. She really hasn’t, and when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg closed her eyes for the last time recently, Murkowski made it known that she wouldContinue Reading