Fauci Two Steps Behind With Latest COVID Declaration

It’s amazing what can happen when an election is on the horizon. During an appearance on PBS, Dr. Anthony Fauci, little Tony who couldn’t make up his mind on whether masks were worth using or not two years ago, essentially said that while the virus is still with us, theContinue Reading

Fauci Endorses Draconian Restrictions On Travel

The push to be sure more Americans fall for the threats of diminishing freedoms is on. Last year, when the conspiracy crowd said that “vaccine passports” were in our future as therapeutics that work against the beer bug (and a lot of others) were thrown over for the promise ofContinue Reading

Fauci Pushes New Pharmaceutical Product In The Fight Against COVID

From the time the term COVID-19 entered the American lexicon, there has been a race to figure out a way to cure the disease before it kills the victim. In the beginning, a treatment plan that featured old, no longer patented anti-malarial drugs surfaced and was shouted down in favorContinue Reading

Fauci Not Happy With Recent Demands

Now that little Tony Fauci has not just been caught lying to Congress, but flip-flopping all over the place when it comes to mask-wearing, among other issues like whether or not there are actual therapeutics other than vaccines to deal with COVID and other viruses, members of Congress are openlyContinue Reading

Fauci Caught Funding Grotesque Experiments

For over a year, the face of the “pandemic” has been one Anthony Fauci, M.D., the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Mainstream media outlets have treated the man as little less than a god and saint all rolled into one despite contradictory messaging thatContinue Reading

China Dictated Terms Of COVID

Judicial Watch strikes again. Last year, as the nation was adjusting to lock-downs, masks, and any number of other behavior control mechanisms we were told all was to “flatten the curve” of the spread of the novel SARS-Corona virus, nicknamed “COVID-19,” it turns out the World Health Organization made aContinue Reading

Despite all the hearings, witness testimony, video, and more that indicates any Joe Biden presidency would be illegitimate – since it would have been stolen, and the proof is mounting – one by one, Biden and his team are naming those he would keep on or put in office inContinue Reading