Anonymous Drops Info Bomb On Russian Army

The internet hacking collective that calls itself “Anonymous” is taking credit for leaking out the personal details of over one hundred thousand Russian soldiers supposedly fighting in Ukraine. Names, dates of birth, addresses, and even passport numbers were included in the major hack of Russian data. It comes after AnonymousContinue Reading

Army Vets Question Base Contamination In Midst Of Health Issues

It’s not household knowledge, but in the United States, among military veterans, there are groups coming together trying to figure out whether or not their health problems are caused by past exposure to toxins while in the service. Marine Corps veterans have a group that revolves around issues at CampContinue Reading

Army Advisor's Ill Timed Diversity Tweet

On Thursday, over a dozen American servicemen were killed in Kabul, Afghanistan, including a twenty-two-year-old sailor who served as a medic. Also on Thursday, the top enlisted member of the U.S. Army tweeted a message with the images of multiple female members of the service, and a message amounting toContinue Reading

It can only happen in the current era. Speaking the truth is “controversial.” And in the military, too. One Army chaplain spoke out on what he sees as being unnatural when it comes to the whole transgender issue. [Maj. Andrew] Calvert commented [on Facebook] “How is rejecting reality (biology) notContinue Reading

Something strange is happening at Fort Hood in Texas. For the seventh time this year, a soldier has turned up dead. Twenty-six-year-old Private First Class Mejhor Morta was found unresponsive near Stillhouse Lake on July 17. The Army announced this loss on Wednesday. “The Black Knight family is truly heartbrokenContinue Reading