Radical ANTIFA Member Caught With Bomb Arrested

The invasion of the Capitol Building in Washington on January 6, 2021, has become a political hot potato that draws all sorts of odd individuals. First, there was the man dressed as a shaman who claimed to be part of “Qanon,” whatever that actually is. Next, as identified by many,Continue Reading

Southwest Pilot Arrested

It’s not something the traveling public often considers, but airline crews spend a lot of time on the road. Often, they work fifteen to sixteen hours a day in the company of people who may well rub them the wrong way. Once the crew is done for the day, theyContinue Reading

Democrat Senator Arrested For Child Sex Abuse

Usually, the sexual misconduct reporting on politicians is a cover for them to resign for some reason unknown to those not on the inside. In the case of Arizona’s state Senator Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete, his resignation was for cause. He was actually arrested for having sexual contact with a minor.Continue Reading

Domestic Terrorist Heartbroken When

It does happen from time-to-time… It’s not often and it’s often not expected when close relatives end up turning in the most wanted criminals in the nation. One notorious example was Ted Kaczynski, a/k/a the Unabomber. Kaczynski was responsible for a lot of damage to property as his mail aContinue Reading