Senators Raise Serious Ethical Question

If no one else has noticed that there are countless conflicts of interest in the entire Hunter Biden laptop fiasco, a couple of wily old U.S. Senators have. Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson posed an open question to the prosecutors in the state of Delaware regarding one case. NicholasContinue Reading

Biden DOJ Lobbies Supreme Court Ahead Of Abortion Case

Above all else, it seems, the Democrats will not bend on the subject of abortion. As far as they are concerned, at least from all rhetoric coming from the faces of the party, a woman should be allowed to have her unborn child killed any time she wants, and theContinue Reading

Unlike previous administrations, the Department of Justice under President Donald Trump has been very quiet and fairly tight-lipped about what’s really going on in various investigations. About the only person actually doing any talking about what they are up to at DOJ is Attorney General William Barr. And even heContinue Reading


As promised by Attorney General William Barr last night on the Sean Hannity show there have been developments in the John Durham investigation. Attorney General Barr said last night on Hannity that the development we would see today was not going to be the earth-shattering kind that so many areContinue Reading