Black Families Buy Land

After a summer of rioting and general anarchy fomented by, truthfully, professional mercenaries, a Georgia real estate agent and a friend decided to find a way to create an all-black city. Ashley Scott and Renee Walters decided to start Freedom Georgia to get them to their goal. “I’m hoping thatContinue Reading

Mainstream Media Is Hiding Truth

It’s open season on patriots and Trump supporters. Seriously. The crazy people have come out of the basements and attics. Over the weekend, a member of Patriot Prayer, incorrectly identified as Jay Bishop–his real name is Aaron Danielson–was shot and killed.  The man suspected of killing him is named MichaelContinue Reading

Peaceful Protesters Destroy The Los Angeles Police

Some of the “protests” are getting bold in their chosen targets. On the night of President Donald Trump’s triumphant acceptance speech at the finale of the Republican National Convention, a group of troublemakers decided to change course from their announced plans and head to the home of Los Angeles PoliceContinue Reading

PBS Reporter Dares To Compare

For some strange reason, the supporters of Black Lives Matter and athletes kneeling during the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance seem to think that anything and everything that happens in life is done in relation to these movements. Take PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor, for example. Wednesday night during theContinue Reading

Investigators have released shocking details on the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin. The details released by the Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul are details that the public should have waited on before looting and burning down their city. According to the Wisconsin Attorney General Jacob Blake has admitted to havingContinue Reading


On Wednesday, Goodyear tires, a stalwart American company for well over a century, got a taste of what happens when banning political speech from the halls of the company and the factory floor. It seems that some human resources person at Goodyear in Topeka, Kansas, presented a diversity training videoContinue Reading

Stone Mountain

On July 4th about 100 members of the all-black militia known as the NFAC or the “Not F**king Around Coalition” armed and ready for combat (or so they thought) marched on Stone Mountain in Georgia and called out members of the Ku Klux Klan looking for a fight. Fortunately, thereContinue Reading

Dolly Parton Makes A Shocking Confession

Talk about a stunner. One would think someone, as grounded as Dolly Parton, would know and understand the background and origins of the rioters calling themselves “protesters” even as they loot the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, but apparently not. It turns out the country music legend is a supporter ofContinue Reading