Former NFL Player Threatens To Sue Joy Reid For Defamation

Don’t mess with a man’s kids, whether they are biologically his or part of a program he finances. MSNBC’s Joy Reid may well find that out the hard way. When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill specifically meant to protect children by making it illegal for critical race theoryContinue Reading

Child Trafficking Ring Taken

As much as We the People would like to see previous administration officials go down for what we are sure are felonious acts normally resulting in the application of federal death penalties, another series of crimes that all decent people of goodwill find abhorrent, are being routed out and prosecuted.Continue Reading

On Wednesday, a Texas judge decided to #StandWithSophie, Sophie Long of Frisco, Texas, after an emergency hearing. Sophie’s plight – she claims to have suffered abuse at her mother’s residence in multiple forms including being groomed sexually – came to the public’s attention via a GoFundMe campaign posted by herContinue Reading