Dr. Fauci's Latest Recommendation

Since March, when the people of America were told we needed to “flatten the curve” of new cases of the novel SARS2-coronavirus, known as COVID-19, the country has been in various degrees of lockdown depending on local governments, and how they reacted to the hysteria of fear that people likeContinue Reading

Dr. Fauci Brings More Doom

It’s amazing how polyp removal surgery didn’t silence little Dr. Tony Fauci for all that long. When he went under the knife for that procedure, voice rest was surely part of the protocol of recovery. Apparently, that’s over. Fauci, who keeps the “COVID-19 is a scary virus” narrative on track,Continue Reading

WATCH As Social Distancing Fails

Good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or not, the fight over face mask-wearing is getting downright violent. This week, a plane sitting on the tarmac in Las Vegas headed for Charlotte if it could get off the ground was the site of a face mask altercation. American Airlines (alongContinue Reading

Dr. Fauci Challenged By Team

The pressure from the general public against Dr. Fauci has been harsh and now, after months of aggravating the American public, his peers in the medical community are starting to turn up the heat on him challenging the credibility of his new found fame… In Style magazine may have portrayedContinue Reading

Wisconsin Adopts Bizarre Face Mask

I will never understand the liberal loons intense desire for virtue signaling… I mean seriously, have you ever seen a group of people who totally lack virtue insist on sending out such bizarre signals? About the kindest adjective, I can attach to it is stupendous! LOL The latest virtue signalContinue Reading

Over the weekend President Trump called out the liberal media for their biased reporting on the Administration’s handling of the Coronavirus. Knowing that the President’s comments were gaining a great deal of attention, the liberal media could no longer continue their media blackout. President Trump followed up with the followingContinue Reading

Here’s a rather important question that truly does need to be answered. How do we know that the number of COVID-19 tests that come back with positive results is accurate? How do we know? It’s a question that’s being asked rather forcefully in the state of Florida mainly because thereContinue Reading

States with Democrat governors sure are making sure the state has the last word on COVID cases. This week, a couple in Kentucky found out the hard way what happens when a positive Coronavirus test comes back positive and one of them refuses to sign quarantine orders. You end upContinue Reading