Putin Steps Up Nuclear Threat

Since its inception, the chosen “enemy” of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the reason for its existence, has been a nuclear Russia. In the good old days of the Soviet Union, the bogeyman was known as that rather than Holy Mother Russia, but the enemy was defined as easternContinue Reading

Facebook Gives Europe Ultimatum

Facebook, essentially, runs on advertising revenue. So, when something threatens that stream of cash, the social media giant gets on its muscle and starts to make threats. The current issue regards information collected on the site which is then used to select ads tailored to specific users’ interests. That’s theContinue Reading

Finally Someone Is Taking A Serious Look

The ingredients are not on the packaging, and the warnings of side effects are downplayed, but still, the shots go on. Now, however, some really out of left field things are going on with people who have received just about all of the experimental gene therapies known as COVID “vaccines,”Continue Reading