Clarence Thomas Smacks Down Social Media Censorship

In a win that could well be the opening salvo in stripping social media giants Facebook and Twitter of the ability to use algorithms to determine what is to be displayed, and what information will get warnings in users’ news feeds, Senior Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas penned an opinionContinue Reading

Facebook Censors At War

The powers that be at Facebook have decided that the world must think a certain way about vaccines and they are taking steps to prevent alternative viewpoints and messaging from appearing on the platform. It is now company policy at the social media giant which is acting more and moreContinue Reading

Facebook Threatens Australia With Serious Ultimatum

The social media giants headquartered in Silicon Valley are well known in the United States for classifying published content “against community standards” or “hate speech” and thus removing it. In a land of free speech, naturally, that is offensive to Americans. But, in places where that particular right does notContinue Reading