Love Boat Breaks Out In Huge Fight

The Carnival Cruise Line ship Magic was approaching New York when it happened. On the nightclub dance floor, the significant others of the three people who hooked up objected to the cheatingĀ and took action. They started a brawl that ended up involving dozens of people, spanned multiple floors, and requiredContinue Reading

Southwest Pilot Arrested

It’s not something the traveling public often considers, but airline crews spend a lot of time on the road. Often, they work fifteen to sixteen hours a day in the company of people who may well rub them the wrong way. Once the crew is done for the day, theyContinue Reading

WATCH As Social Distancing Fails

Good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or not, the fight over face mask-wearing is getting downright violent. This week, a plane sitting on the tarmac in Las Vegas headed for Charlotte if it could get off the ground was the site of a face mask altercation. American Airlines (alongContinue Reading