New Development In The Matt Gaetz Teenage Sex Scandal

Recently, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida, a firebrand willing to stand up to the forces of the Democrat Party and make them look like idiots, has been accused by the Department of Justice of soliciting sex from a girl who was not eighteen at the time. Gaetz denied theContinue Reading

More "Do As I Say, Not As I Do"

Apparently, having had what is currently labeled COVID-19 and recovering from it, thus having immunity naturally, and, thus, not being able to spread the virus itself, is not a good enough reason to be released from any travel restrictions, especially if one works for the Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor ofContinue Reading

Colonial Plaza Shopping Center

This week Officer Anthony Wongshue learned that two years after being cleared of an officer involved shooting that he is now facing possible wrongful death charges all over again. Orlando, Florida Police Officer Anthony Wongshue responded to a shoplifting call at the Colonial Plaza Shopping Center on May 08, 2018,Continue Reading

Here’s a rather important question that truly does need to be answered. How do we know that the number of COVID-19 tests that come back with positive results is accurate? How do we know? It’s a question that’s being asked rather forcefully in the state of Florida mainly because thereContinue Reading

Left, right, and sideways, all we hear about in the context of the novel SARS-Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19 is testing, testing, testing. We’ve increased testing people, therefore, the number of CASES, not hospitalizations or deaths, just people identified as having the virus in their systems whether or notContinue Reading