If Senator Tom Cotton has his way, revisionist history when it comes to slavery will be a thing of the past sooner or later. He’s seeking to make it illegal to use the New York Times’s wishful thinking known as the 1619 Project in American schools. While the people atContinue Reading

Strange as it may sound given all the “unrest” foisted on Americans in this election year by those counting on We the People being dumbed down enough so as to not appreciate the irony of the ignoramuses tearing down the statues of actual abolitionists when one scratches the surface onContinue Reading

Un frickin believable! This cancel culture is getting downright out of hand and I hope come November the American people send these liberal democrats trying to erase our history a firm message that we will not stand for this! In another complete act of idiocy… Which of course is nothingContinue Reading