Sales Of Hunter Biden's Sex And Drugs Tell All Book Surprises Family

Whoever published Hunter Biden’s autobiography to date was sold a pig in a poke. It seems that the investment may not have any returns worth writing home about. Despite a marketing blitz that most writers would give their eye teeth to be dedicated to their work, Hunter Biden’s salacious littleContinue Reading

Remember when, back before the actual election, and all the counting, recounting, and voter fraud fiascoes, the hot topic was Hunter Biden’s laptop and all the information on it that was supposed to be incriminating evidence of violations of the Logan Act, money laundering and more? Well, it seems thatContinue Reading

Hunter Biden's Laptop Emails

And the timeline of Hunter Biden’s travels for his father’s purposes just got all but confirmed. Thanks to the reporting at Epoch Times, the world is beginning to understand that the Biden family, far from being the good Irish Catholic politicians they pretend to be, are actually more of aContinue Reading

BREAKING: Giuliani Turns Hunters

Rudy Giuliani has announced that he has turned his copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive over to the Delaware State Police after an appalling discovery. During an appearance on the Greg Kelly Show on Newsmax Rudy Giuliani revealed that he surrendered his copy of Hunter’s laptop hard drive over toContinue Reading

Where's Hunter Takes On New Meaning

Usually, investigating crimes is the bailiwick of the Department of Justice. Sometimes, though, when the crime involves a public official while in office, Congress uses its privilege as an oversight body to do some of the dirty work before handing over evidence in a criminal referral. Take, for instance, theContinue Reading

For those who follow the news beyond the headlines, any information surfacing about Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, and Chris Heinz, stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry, and son of the late Senator John Heinz and heir to the ketchup company, would seem toContinue Reading

Wll, well, well… What do $6 million US dollars neatly wrapped and packaged, Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s son Hunter have in common? Nothing if you still believe in fairy tales and Ukraine investigators. Ukrainian officials just seized $6 million US dollars that were said to be a cash bribe inContinue Reading