Judge In Illinois Reverses Rape Sentence

Something is really wrong with the American judicial system when a judge can unilaterally commute a sentence for violent crime based on nothing more than personal judgment. That’s what appeared to happen in Adams County Illinois when Judge Robert Adrian decided that an eighteen-year-old rapist had served plenty of timeContinue Reading

After four years of President Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again movement, one thing is for certain among his supporters: you’re either for him and us, or you are against us. That is how tens of millions of MAGA-loving Americans see the world and Republicans. Members of theContinue Reading

As if Common Core wasn’t bad enough, now government representatives from Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, are looking for the Illinois Department of Education to suspend the teaching of U.S. History classes until all “racist” material from the country’s past, regardless of whether or not it really happened, isContinue Reading