So, what happens when a freshman senator with name recognition votes against the president of his own party who is being impeached for an imaginary crime? He gets an award from the President John Kennedy Library Foundation. The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation announced Friday that the Utah Republican senatorContinue Reading

After a week spent deliberating the single article of impeachment against former President Donald J. Trump the United States Senate has completed the Senate trial that has determined if he will or will not be removed from office… Of course, we all know that he is no longer the PresidentContinue Reading

From the moment impeachment articles were drawn up against President Donald Trump for insurrection or inciting a riot or whatever it is that the Democrats on Capitol Hill want the American people to believe happened on January 6, you knew that the blame game was going to be hot andContinue Reading

Liz Cheney Paying The Price

Payback and karma can be female dogs. Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, daughter of the former vice president, is finding that out the hard way. On January 6, Cheney and a vast majority of Republicans voted to certify an election that was clearly fraudulent in multiple states. Last week, she votedContinue Reading

Not that rational people actually believe that Joe Biden really defeated President Donald Trump in November’s election, but now that Creepy, Sleepy Joe is going through the motions of being the leader of the free world, some of the newbies in Congress are actually speaking their minds on his pastContinue Reading