Durham Probe Putting Pressure On Clinton Campaign

Special prosecutor John Durham is not pulling any punches in his efforts to reveal the true depth of depravity regarding what went on in 2016 when the Hillary Clinton campaign insisted that President Donald Trump was in bed with the Russians. This week he is demanding that the law firmContinue Reading

Ever since it appeared, what came to be known as “The Steele Dossier” has been used as a bludgeon to beat President Donald Trump over the head. His critics picked up on the salaciousness of it, and still believe that it is verbatim true and that using it to getContinue Reading

Third Arrest In Durham Probe Moves Closer To Hillary

There have been days when the patriots out on the fruited plain doubted that Special Counsel John Durham actually exists let alone is actually doing any sort of investigating into the malfeasance of government in the 2016 presidential election. And then headlines like this appear: Russian analyst who worked onContinue Reading

Clinton Campaign Lawyers Served With Subpoenas By Durham

Despite all appearances that the Durham probe into illegal and misleading conduct by the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign for president is a big nothing burger, Special Council John Durham is passing out subpoenas like Halloween candy. The latest round is going to a law firm that was engaged by theContinue Reading

Unlike previous administrations, the Department of Justice under President Donald Trump has been very quiet and fairly tight-lipped about what’s really going on in various investigations. About the only person actually doing any talking about what they are up to at DOJ is Attorney General William Barr. And even heContinue Reading


As promised by Attorney General William Barr last night on the Sean Hannity show there have been developments in the John Durham investigation. Attorney General Barr said last night on Hannity that the development we would see today was not going to be the earth-shattering kind that so many areContinue Reading