Former Kamala Harris Staffer Bombs In MSNBC Debut

The talking heads from the Biden Administration are taking asylum at MSNBC, and the audiences there are less than impressed. At least Symone Sanders’s audience is. Over the weekend, she did not do as well as the marketing ahead of the rollout would have indicated. Symone Sanders, the former KamalaContinue Reading

Kamala Harris Loses Another Staffer

The Biden/Harris administration is no different than just about every presidential administration in the last fifty years. They are constantly replacing staff. Sometimes, the rumors about why people leave have to do with the working environment. The latest Kamala Harris staffer to announce she’s leaving, on the other hand, mayContinue Reading

Bail Fund Supported By Kamala Harris Helped Minnesota Killer

No good deed goes unpunished. That is the maxim. The idea behind the Minnesota Freedom Fund which helps bail out eligible arrestees while they await trial. This week, one of the recipients of their generosity added to his rap sheet. George Howard, 48, allegedly became involved in a road rageContinue Reading

Unlike years past, presbyterian minister Patrick Mahoney will not be holding a Good Friday vigil on the west terrace of the U.S. Capitol. The Capitol police rejected his request. An email from Capitol Police to Mahoney obtained by Fox News said that the area where the minister wanted to holdContinue Reading

For about five or six weeks now, since the presidential election and all of the vote-counting fiascoes that the people really did see, the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket has been claiming victory after the mainstream media crowned them the winners. This fantasy is so engrained with these people that theContinue Reading

Trump Demands Apology

IIn a roundabout way, President Donald Trump always gets what he wants from his opponents. It’s not that he fights until they surrender so much, but that he takes the same position the opposition does to get them to change just so that they don’t agree with him. Take theContinue Reading