On Tuesday night, Joe Biden appeared on a “town hall” sort of interview on CNN where their slobber-fest continued. Among the many things the occupier of the Oval Office said that was outrageous, this gem came up. COOPER: "You’ve already spent a great deal of time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.Continue Reading

Many of the largest news organizations continually claim that protests throughout this year have been peaceful. With burning buildings in the background, we are told what we are witnessing is a “fiery but mostly peaceful protest.” It’s one thing for police officers to have to fear for their physical safetyContinue Reading

What is it about white liberal women that prompts them to act against their best interests? It’s been happening for decades, but Sunday night in Portland, Oregon was particularly…stupid. In recent days, as the police in Portland are not actively engaging with the protesters who are all but keeping theContinue Reading

The St. Louis Missouri couple who were refused police protection after a mob of violent demonstrators tore their cast-iron gate off have been charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon. Mark and Patricia McCloskey received national attention after a mob of violent demonstrators tore their cast-iron gate down andContinue Reading

Something’s rotten in Denver. So rotten, and anti-American, that the police chief in that city is an open supporter of Black Lives Matter, a self-professed Marxist organization bankrolled by international provocateur George Soros for the fomenting of mayhem. Not all of the people of Denver are of that mentality andContinue Reading