Liberal Media Already Crediting

For many of the people in America, the special treatment and acknowledgment that members of the LGBTQ lobby get are a bit nauseating. After all, other than their sexual orientation which may or may not be a congenital thing, the truth is that they really are no different from theContinue Reading

WATCH Liberal Media Meltdown

When the statistics and online viewership numbers regarding Monday’s first night of a virtual convention came out, the stunning proof was in the pudding. As many as six times the number of people who watched C-SPAN live streams were online during the event.¬†Six times. And this is despite the mainstreamContinue Reading

Over the weekend President Trump called out the liberal media for their biased reporting on the Administration’s handling of the Coronavirus. Knowing that the President’s comments were gaining a great deal of attention, the liberal media could no longer continue their media blackout. President Trump followed up with the followingContinue Reading