Texas Bar Owner Kicks Out Mask Wearing New Parents

Here’s a switch from the way things usually go here in the USA during COVID. A bar owner in Texas who has an unofficial dress code that includes no masks had an employee ask a couple to either remove their masks or leave. “I’ve spent my money on this business,Continue Reading

Fauci Issues New Warning To Sports Fans

As the football season gets underway both at the college and professional levels (there’s a difference?), video is popping up of full stadiums, people jumping around, crowds not wearing masks and, in general, a return to normal without permission from the Center for Disease Control. Their garden gnome (apologies toContinue Reading

DeSantis Lays Down Law

From the beginning of the age of COVID, there has been disagreement on wearing masks for any sort of prevention of the spread of the disease. This is especially true for children whose brains are still developing and oxygen deprivation is a particularly touchy issue. Parents have long disagreed withContinue Reading

COVID Mask Divide Heats Up In Miami

Across the country, it is really rather interesting what locations are still intent on upholding the power of the mask to “stop the spread” (after a year, that power should have dissipated, but that’s apparently not happening) and which ones aren’t. The divide, on a large scale, seems to beContinue Reading

Masks, masks, masks, that’s all Americans seem to want to talk about these days. Of course, with school being out of session, recreational areas across the country closed or with limited capacity, just about all major leagues sports shut down (and in some places Little League and other youth sports),Continue Reading