Manafort Caught With Revoked Passport

Following his conviction in federal court on what could be considered trumped-up charges, it seems that Paul Manafort’s passport was revoked. Either he didn’t know this or was of a mind to risk flying overseas anyway. Over the weekend he was removed from a flight headed to Dubai. Miami-Dade PoliceContinue Reading

Florida School Bans Certain Topics From Being Taught

It is just one school, and it is a private entity – not a school that is government-sponsored or associated with any religious group – but the Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, Florida, is not shy about why the administration is not on board with critical race theory,Continue Reading

Miami Bar Posts Hard Truths

Life in the United States these days is really odd. For some reason, beginning in the year 2020, everything we had learned for centuries about the disease, gender, censorship, truth-telling, and more suddenly became irrelevant for the cause du jour of the crowd who like change just for the sakeContinue Reading