Once upon a time in America, before he ran for public office, Donald John Trump was a figure courted by the rich, famous, and many politicians who needed his money. After four years of President Trump being in office, and economic growth which was destroyed as local government officials lockedContinue Reading

Federal Funds On The Line

One of the keys to President Donald Trump’s success over the years and in his first term as president is the appeals he makes to the pocketbooks of the people with whom he is negotiating. All of the Middle East agreements, for example, are bilateral, but what they are reallyContinue Reading

New York City Gets Optimistic Endorsement

SIn the aftermath of the COVID-19/Coronavirus/Black Lives Matter revival, and general anarchy happening all over the country, but admittedly with a higher death toll in New York City after the state’s governor ordered all nursing home patients back to their facilities to be infected as if they were in aContinue Reading