Love Boat Breaks Out In Huge Fight

The Carnival Cruise Line ship Magic was approaching New York when it happened. On the nightclub dance floor, the significant others of the three people who hooked up objected to the cheatingĀ and took action. They started a brawl that ended up involving dozens of people, spanned multiple floors, and requiredContinue Reading

Governor Cuomo Finds Someone

Whatever New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is smoking, I wish he would share. The man who sent COVID-19 patients into nursing homes where potential victims of the disease are essentially sitting ducks now is blaming the police and their lack of a plan to counter the increasing gun violence inContinue Reading

WATCH Police Get Stopped

New York City is one of the many metropolitan areas ruled by Democrats who have been allowing out of control thugs destroy their city. The liberal politicians and media praise the destructive mobs as “peaceful” protesters while condemning and belittling the men and women of their police departments who haveContinue Reading