Footage Of Canadian Pastor

In this year and more of COVID closures, and protocols that seem to be really rather arbitrary and tend to defy just about everything that has been preached about stopping the spread of disease over the last hundred years or so, one of the more maddening ones has been theContinue Reading

It can only happen in the current era. Speaking the truth is “controversial.” And in the military, too. One Army chaplain spoke out on what he sees as being unnatural when it comes to the whole transgender issue. [Maj. Andrew] Calvert commented [on Facebook] “How is rejecting reality (biology) notContinue Reading

TThe 2020 election year and the COVID chaos has affected EVERY aspect of life. Every aspect. Politicians are micromanaging American lives as if the Constitution doesn’t prohibit this. Honestly. Even Church. In a lot of states, indoor church services have been both banned and severely restricted, a clear violation ofContinue Reading