RINOs Threaten To Split the Republican Party

If ever the Republicans in Name Only have outed themselves as being wolves in sheep’s clothing, the time interval since the November 2020 election is it. They dropped President Donald Trump and his policies and agenda like third period French. And now, a group of the most notorious of theContinue Reading

As time has marched on after the 2020 presidential election and more and more evidence is produced from non-government and non-mainstream sources that claim President Donald Trump’s re-election was not just stolen, but that many more states than are currently contested were as well, members of the Republican Party moreContinue Reading

The last thirteen, fourteen years have not been good for the swampian uniparty, or mono party depending on one’s perspective. As the years have gone on, and conservative politicians like former Alaska governor Sarah Palin have been forcibly sidelined, and true grassroots movements like the Taxed Enough Already Party hasContinue Reading

For some time now, on the ground, many conservatives have seen the more sane of the Democrats walking away from the party. All have their own reasons, but until this year those reasons were not allowing lawlessness on the streets of the nation. As of this week, that has changed.Continue Reading