Prosecutors in Kenosha, Wisconsin are seeking an arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse who was released on a $2 million bond after being arrested for allegedly killing two men and seriously wounding one other during a demonstration turned riot against police brutality. The liberal media is not exactly reporting this storyContinue Reading

Mainstream Media Is Hiding Truth

It’s open season on patriots and Trump supporters. Seriously. The crazy people have come out of the basements and attics. Over the weekend, a member of Patriot Prayer, incorrectly identified as Jay Bishop–his real name is Aaron Danielson–was shot and killed.  The man suspected of killing him is named MichaelContinue Reading

Investigators have released shocking details on the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin. The details released by the Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul are details that the public should have waited on before looting and burning down their city. According to the Wisconsin Attorney General Jacob Blake has admitted to havingContinue Reading

WATCH Dramatic Bodycam Footage

Talk about a dramatic bodycam footage… This is it! The video below is pulled from the bodycam of Montgomery County Police Officer Sgt. David Cohen who was the first officer to arrive on the scene of a man wielding a knife in the White Oak area of Silver Spring, MarylandContinue Reading

Airman Injured When Military Helicopter Shot

The federal government has just released information about a military helicopter that was shot at on Monday while flying over Northern Virginia. The 1st Helicopter Squadron operating out of Joint Base Andrews was flying a UH-1N Huey helicopter buzzing along about 1,000 feet off the ground approximately ten miles northwestContinue Reading

President Trump was interrupted during his press conference by the Secret Service and immediately removed from the press room after shots outside the White House were heard. President Trump returned to the White House and informed the press pool that someone was shot outside the White House on 17th andContinue Reading

Dramatic Gun Cam Footage

This is some pretty amazing video footage… It is the first known officer-involved shooting where the incident was captured on an innovative gun cam designed by Viridian Weapon Technologies and it captures a view of the shooting never before possible. The incident you will be watching in the video tookContinue Reading

In a world where law-abiding citizens are applying for and receiving concealed carry permits in record numbers and where nonlaw abiding citizens just don’t give a damn… Smacking anyone is probably ill-advised… LOL The father in this video clearly had the best of intentions even though his method was justContinue Reading