University Of Wyoming Grads Heckle Senator Who Claims There Are Only Two Sexes

It was bound to happen sooner or later that the “enlightened” minds of someone of the nation’s institutions of higher learning would express reflection on the fantasies coming from the higher education sector. It happened at the University of Wyoming, deep in red voting territory when Senator Cynthia Lummis wasContinue Reading

Kamala Harris Loses Another Staffer

The Biden/Harris administration is no different than just about every presidential administration in the last fifty years. They are constantly replacing staff. Sometimes, the rumors about why people leave have to do with the working environment. The latest Kamala Harris staffer to announce she’s leaving, on the other hand, mayContinue Reading

Congressman Enshrines Rogan-Malone Interview

Big tech and the power players behind it have outright censored an interview Joe Rogan did with Dr. Robert Malone from the last week. It has been removed from every major social media platform in an attempt to bury what the inventor of mRNA technology had to say about theContinue Reading