What on earth happened to American grit and spines of steel when it comes to not letting words hurt? Somehow that message and concept have escaped the Democrats inhabiting the halls of Congress. One Texas gentleman reminds them of the history of his state, and the ladies get the vapors.Continue Reading

In the rush to reverse all things Make America Great Again regardless of what the American people want or do not want, without consideration if it’s good for the country, one of the business sectors that has taken a hit is energy. It is fairly well known that the haltingContinue Reading

This week, when the State of Texas filed suit against the States of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia for changing their election laws illegally, little did so many on the fruited plain realize that this would be the case that almost a score of other states would sign on andContinue Reading

Utilizing a little known or used provision in Article III of the United States Constitution, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed suit against the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin in the U.S. Supreme Court for installing election rules and law unconstitutionally. The overriding law – the ConstitutionContinue Reading

On Wednesday, a Texas judge decided to #StandWithSophie, Sophie Long of Frisco, Texas, after an emergency hearing. Sophie’s plight – she claims to have suffered abuse at her mother’s residence in multiple forms including being groomed sexually – came to the public’s attention via a GoFundMe campaign posted by herContinue Reading

Dramatic Gun Cam Footage

This is some pretty amazing video footage… It is the first known officer-involved shooting where the incident was captured on an innovative gun cam designed by Viridian Weapon Technologies and it captures a view of the shooting never before possible. The incident you will be watching in the video tookContinue Reading

This video has been around a little while but given the beating law enforcement officers are taking recently I thought this needed more attention… It’s exactly the sort of video the liberals can’t stand… It portrays law enforcement in a positive way and to them, that’s just not something popularContinue Reading