Report Confirms Transgender Athletes Have Unfair Advantage

In one sense, it is a victory for women everywhere. In another, it is a sad commentary on the time period where gender and sex confusion is on the rise. It is a long-awaited report from researchers in the United Kingdom that analyzes the strength advantage men who have “transitioned”Continue Reading

Believing In Science Gets Christian

These “transgender” activists are rabid in their insistence that the rest of us normalize their fantasies. In the last year, Dr. Richard Levine who wants to be known to the world as “Rachel” Levine after mutilating his body, came to prominence during the year of COVID being a health officialContinue Reading

It can only happen in the current era. Speaking the truth is “controversial.” And in the military, too. One Army chaplain spoke out on what he sees as being unnatural when it comes to the whole transgender issue. [Maj. Andrew] Calvert commented [on Facebook] “How is rejecting reality (biology) notContinue Reading