Veterans Injured By Toxins Inch Closer To Justice

Buried in the realities of war and the Pentagon’s negligence when it comes to preventing downstream illness of personnel is the dirty secret that many of America’s veterans have been injured by the toxins used by the military against the enemy. It is the most insidious sort of friendly fire,Continue Reading

Army Vets Question Base Contamination In Midst Of Health Issues

It’s not household knowledge, but in the United States, among military veterans, there are groups coming together trying to figure out whether or not their health problems are caused by past exposure to toxins while in the service. Marine Corps veterans have a group that revolves around issues at CampContinue Reading

Watch the water is taking on new meaning in the light of a new report and warning from the Department of Homeland Security. It seems that hackers are threatening the nation’s drinking water and wastewater treatment plants with cyber attacks. Authorities said they wanted to highlight ongoing malicious cyber activityContinue Reading