Clarence Thomas Scares Pro-Abortionists With One Question

People who watch the Supreme Court tell us that Senior Justice Clarence Thomas rarely speaks. In fact, for ten years – YEARS – before Justice Antonin Scalia was assassinated, Clarence Thomas sat in oral arguments before the court in complete silence. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of the United StatesContinue Reading

Young Women In Crosshairs Of New Draft Bill

It has been decades since the United States has had any sort of compulsory service in the armed forces. Following the conflict in Vietnam, the draft, as Selective Service was called, was so unpopular, it was soundly discontinued. With the new National Defense Authorization Act passed by the House ofContinue Reading

Susan B Anthony Pardon

It comes about one hundred and forty-eight years late, but better late than never right? On the day women celebrate winning the right to vote, President Donald Trump gave the movement a surprise that had conservatives cheering, and modern-day feminists more than a little disgruntled. 148 years after suffragette SusanContinue Reading