Testimony By Top Cops At Capitol Not Consistent With Claims Made By Impeachment Prosecutors

As the tangled web woven around the invasion of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6 is slowly being unwoven by citizen journalists and now a hearing in the Senate, more details are coming to the surface that raises more questions than provide answers.

On Tuesday, under questioning by Senator Amy Klobuchar, the former head of the Capitol Police admitted that the Capitol Police Department had received the threat assessment from the Federal Bureau of Investigation the day before, but for some reason, the report didn’t reach him.

And Sund, who resigned from the Capitol Police in January, said he learned only within the last day that the report had been given to the Capitol Police before the attack.

“I actually just in the last 24 hours was informed by the department that they had received that report,” he told lawmakers.

How that could have happened is anyone’s guess, but a report of that magnitude not making it to leadership is rather suspicious.

Sund acknowledged the information “would have been beneficial to be aware of” and indicated that the intelligence sharing failure was “under review.”

“I agree that is something we need to look at,” the chief said.

On Jan. 12, during a Justice Department briefing, Assistant FBI Director Steven D’Antuono said the intelligence report, prepared by the bureau’s Norfolk, Virginia, office, included a “thread from a message board” that described an array of preparations for an assault, including a map of Capitol-area tunnels and staging areas in Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

And the investigations are focused on what the Capitol Police knew as opposed to who was participating on these chat boards where all the planning was being done?

At least in public?

Something is wrong with this picture when the focus is not on the perpetrators and looking into the possibility that the attack was planned out not by MAGA and Trump supporters, but by opposition forces trying to pin the blame on the president. It’s also rather curious that those in charge of security that day claim not to have received much intel that trouble was imminent, but during President Trumps’s impeachment, they presented tons of “evidence” that a great deal of intel was available that suggested “everyone” knew the capitol would be attacked.

Two Capitol police officers have committed suicide following the assault on the Capitol… Suicides always seem to be part of the picture anytime the Democrats are involved in suspicious activity… I’m not suggesting there is anything nefarious, just pointing out a fact…

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